Dear all,

Great part of the documentation relative to my artistic activity of Venetian painter, includes my curriculum vitae, my cursus honorum, the list of individual and collective expositions in which I took part or organized on my behalf. The list of the public collections and the private collectors owning my works, is preserved near the data bases of the historical files of the contemporary arts of the biennial of Venice. Notes, values and quotations of my works are available in the editions Bolaffi, Comanducci and in the Comed directories. I abundantly tried out and produced a number of works with techniques very different passing from ceramics to serigraphy, the drawing, the batik, but I privilege the oil-base paint which constitutes the greatest part of my production. The Venetian subjects " landscapes, vision of town life etc" are my preferred patterns, however some f my recurring works have for subject the horse in the moment when it releases all its force and its combativeness. Naturally my production is also interested on subjects and landscapes of different places.

Roberto Merelli